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1) Can We use this Legal Power Saver Guard Out of India?
Ans. No, Our Legal Power Saver Guard is only available for use in India.
2) Will the Legal Power Saver Guard Electricity Saver unit definitely reduce my electricity bill?
Ans. The Legal Power Saver Guard Electricity Saver unit will definitely reduce your electricity bill. savings up to 25% have been recorded under normal conditions. The % savings will depend upon the type of load and the consumption. In some cases, savings above 30%-35% have been recorded, especially in shops, offices & Industrial Gallas.
3) Why have you displayed that your power saver saves up to 20 % to 30 %?
Ans. The amount of power saving using our device differs on different electrical appliances. We are putting a realistic figure of up to 20%, to 30 % although some of our customers are getting above 35% saving too. Some electrical appliances are getting above 50% saving whereas some electrical appliances recorded 5% - 20% saving. Average, most of our customers are getting 10% - 25% saving.
4) Does the Your LEGAL POWER SAVER GUARD requires any maintenance?
Ans. No. it does not require any maintenance, just plug the Legal Power Saver Guard unit to 5 amp socket.
5) Do I need to make any changes to the electrical wiring ?
Ans. No. Legal Power Saver Guard is designed as a Plug n Play device. Simply plug the unit into a 5 Amp socket on your premises & it should be plugged into a wall socket, not an extension lead
6) How long is the warranty period for the Legal Power Saver Guard ?
Ans. Legal Power Saver Guard comes with a 12-month warranty, covering any manufacturing or material defects.
7) Can I leave the POWER SAVER Electricity Saver Unit ‘switched-on’ continuously?
Ans. Yes. The POWER SAVER Electricity Saver Guard should be left 'Switched ON' continuously to achieve the maximum savings. We recommend that the unit should be switched off during long periods of inactivity, for example, when going abroad on holiday, or if the premises are closed for long periods of time.
8) Can I put 2 units of POWER SAVER Electricity Saver for single phase to achieve higher % of saving?
Ans. Under normal circumstances, 1 unit is enough.
9) If I pay today when will I get the Power Saver & Guard product.?
Ans. Four Days for delivery Withing Gujarat State Limit, & 7 working days for Delivery all over across India.
10) Who will bear the courier and handling charges ?
Ans. Courier & handling charges will be paid by us for only gujarat state. Outsite gujarat state courier & handling charges will be charge as actuals
11) How can I pay your amount. ?
Ans. For payment Details pls click here.

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